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Barmouth, North Wales

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Wow, that's pricey!

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Have a look at min y don at Harlech, brilliant site, same area, cheaper

Thanks but I've booked and paid for it now. I know it's a bit pricey but service pitch on a site with family facilities 2 mins from beach, with consistently good reviews. ..they all seemed similarly priced when I made the booking back in January. I'll put a review on here when I'm back :)

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The area is terriffic, though the beaches towards Barmouth are not as good as those towards Dyffryn beyond the sandhills - you also must visit Harlech Castle and Portmerion ( "I am not a number - I'm a free man!") :)




(for those not initiated Portmerrion, as well as being a brilliant place to visit is also the "home (set)" for "The Prisoner" - cult TV prog - and "I am not a number - I'm a free man!"" is just one of the many quotes that get bandied about by fans :) )

"keep your motor running"

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