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Leaving Vent Open?


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I have a little roof vent in the sterling and was wandering if I could leave this open with the back of the vent in the air and the front shut ? in order to get some ventilation in the van.


ie like this


Front of van ___________/______ rear the angle of the vent wont be as much as here.


The roof vent is opened by 2 hadles pushed up.





I have a Mercedes 220 CDI AMG SPORT and following closely behind is a sterling 564 Sport 2012, I live in France and spend loads and loads of time in campsites.

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I wouldn't. The whole vent might take off but I have seen some motorhomes with something similar up.

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Guest Benzowner

If it's when travelling, a definite no, it can make the van unstable, talking from experience here. I drove from Cornwall a couple of years ago and the van was all over the road, so to speak, not snaking, just moving about a lot. Pulled onto a pull in on the A30 and immediately saw the roof light was open, closed it and the van was once again stable.

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NO - my brother lost his in a gust of wind and his was locked down. Not only did it pull the roof-light out but it took the handles as well - a complete new assembly was required.

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