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Hi all,


Can you confirm that it is ok to overnight on the ferry port at Bilbao prior to the 10. 00am sailing?,thanks :rolleyes:

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Yup. Loads do it.

Edited by BFM

Enjoy every minute of every day. It doesn't last nearly as long as you'd like, and there's no guarantee of coming this way again.

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Yes,no problem. there is a small café there as well. The last time we did it a party started with a few vans which went on

a bit. The next morning I finished up knocking on several van doors to wake up the drunks,& several vans were driven

onto the ferry by drivers in their pyjamas & nightgowns. To much laughter from everyone.

Is,nt camping fun. !!! :D:D:D

van Bessacar 625 towed by Mercedes M class 3. 2 cdi.

we do 6mths at home (winter) 6mths touring (summer)

Retired & loving it.--------- :D Adventure before Dementia. :P

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Yes no problem. We use Bilbao port for that reason. We, like yourselves catch the 10. 30am ferry back to Portsmouth on the Tuesday when we return from Spain late February every year. We normally arrive around 4 am on the Tuesday after travelling overnight from Camping Riaza which is our stop over from Garrucha. We park on one of the bays until the checking-in booths open around 7 am.

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