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Can't Find Vin Number Plate And Weight Plate.

phill morgan

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Hi. I'm new to caravaning and have just been given my mum's van but there's a problem,I can't find the silver and black tag that has the wheight on or the vin plate. the only things I have found are a 10 digit number on the windows,and on the tow eye there's loads of numbers with 1600kg and 1600kg stamped on it. The caravan. itself is swift challenger 430 4/s unsure of the year but I'd guess it's around the 90's. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The number etched on the indies is the VIN number but it should be 17 digits on the CRiS system. For information on how to decode see this

http://www. caravantalk. co. uk/caravan-finance/buying/CRiS-explained

If it does not have a 17 digit number then it is pre 1992.

Another clue is whether it has high level front/rear side lights on the side near the back. These were introduced around the same time.



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hi brian. thank you for your reply, ive spent most of today trying to find the van on the internet and have found the caravan but its just a 430, not the 430/4s. is there any difference between the two models?the weight i found is. .....

  • Mass in Running Order weight: 775 kgs or 15. 2553049093 cwt / hundred weight

Maximum allowable weight is: 1060 kgs or 20. 865320263 cwt / hundred weight


will this be the same for my van?

thanks for your help


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