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Review: Clubman Ck

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I love my lunar everything works a treat

Lunar Ultima 540

Honda CRV 2. 2 Diesel

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Thanks for the review, however your comment suggests you've had trouble getting stuff to work, but no details as to what or why. Can you be a bit more specific?.

I've got nothing to do on this hot afternoon

but to settle down and write you a line.

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I didn't elaborate for fear of boring everyone but here goes:


Toilet Flush not working, push button assembly not located properly

MP3 player not wired up

Spotlights not working

Three windows, rubbers stopped blinds being drawn, window rubbers had to be refitted.

Alde heating not bled, tank needed filling twice (we thought we had a leak)

Cupboard door (under drinks cupboard) fell off, hinges inadequate.

Bathroom tap leaked, not assembled correctly.

Shower door. 4cm black line ran top to bottom in the plastic. Door replaced.

Front window cracked at hinge on first outing (replaced)

Bathroom window and cooker window, hinges not assembled properly, hinges fall off window.


Bed Slats. The pull out bed slats to make a double bed. These are too short and fall out of the runners. They are a nightmare to put back. You quickly learn how to take the front table/cupboard out to get access to the slat locker. This even got a mention in Caravan and Camping magazines review of the Lunar ES, same issue slats fall out of the runners. At the NEC show in 2012 they were still the same, Lunar hadn't rectified the problem.


I consider having to fit the seal around the kitchen sink and cooker par for the course, no an issue.


There are other minor issues not worthy of mention. All the issues are due to poor assembly procedures and lack of QA from Lunar. I should emphasis that all the issues listed were found after the first weekend away.


The retailers, Broadlane Leisure Kenilworth, were very supportive and made every effort to get things put right, even when Lunar took two months to deliver the correct front window.

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