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Aks1300 & Typ1 Hitchlock

Guest MrCheese

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Guest MrCheese

I have bought an AKS1300 seconhand & fitted it today. I also bought a Typ 1 hitchlock (ETI 811202). However, the lock doesn't fit the hitch. The 1300 seems to be an older model, lacking a plate at the rear into which the lock bolt shoots. Does anyone know if ALKO make an adapter to allow the Typ1 to fit an old 1300??

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Hello Mr Cheese

I think that you are needing a pair of brackets ( locking plates ) which bolt on to each side of your 1300 hitch

The newer alko 1300 have the locking plates already on the hitch.

I was fortunate enough to get them from a fellow forum member for free.

Unfortunately for you I traded in my van for a new one and left the brackets on.

You will be able to get them.

ANY MEMBERS out there with a spare set of brackets.

You could try ebay or Alko web site or Towsure.

Good luck

Happy caravanning

Tommy G

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