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406 2ltr Petrol


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Have been offered a very good Peugeot 406 GXL Petrol. ..very very low miles FSH etc etc for silly money (cheap) on a 51 plate. Know the diesel version is fine for towing (friend has one) but what about the petrol version. MPG not so good as diesel but still reasonable. weight is fine for our van and within the 85% guide etc so that should not be a problem. (our van only 1200 MPLW). But have a little nagging doubt about needing diesel model

Other option is a Fronty 2. 2 dti which for our van is a bit of an overkill but could it be worth it? again low miles fsh on a T plate at a good price.


. ..jury out at moment. anyone have any thoughts

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Hi Digital


I have no doubts the 406 would make an acceptable tug, but it will by no means be perfect. From my experience towing with a 1. 8 Vectra (the power isn't much different to the 2. 0 Pug) the engine will struggle a bit on hills and you will have to use the whole rev range, though I found acceleration perfectly acceptable. Fuel economy suffers too - don't expect much better than 20mpg. However, stability should be fine, though I would fit spring assistors or rubber donught things to the suspension as they improved the stability of my outfit significantly.


As for the Fronty, it will make a lot better tug than the 406, and may even do more to the gallon towing; the whole expirience will be a lot more relaxed, and gives you the option to upgrade the van in the future. However, running costs will be higher, and the Frontera's reputation for reliability is less than perfect - but so is the Pug's. The 406 is the better car to live with everyday, though, so its six 'n two threes. I'd probably go for the Frontera though.




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