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Al-ko Premium Jockey Wheel

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:) After ordering it months ago and a number of delightful conversations with helpful but embarrassed AL-KO staff my Premium Jockey Wheel arrived today. The official story was that this item was in such high demand in Europe that they could not get any product into the UK.


Yes they do exist and yes I will fit it before I go out in the van next week. I remain a bit concerned that these are now so rare and desirable that it may be the target of the light-fingered brigade


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Guest iank

If you give us the address where the caravan is stored we can come view this new premium alko jockey wheel. :D

Serious what is so special about it?

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The wheel has a built in gauge for measuring the nose weight, which incidentally is referred to in the quaintly translated instructions as the tongue weight! The sprung wheel gives all the advantages of a pneumatic tyre – ideal for use with a caravan mover – without the need to keep it inflated. There is a quick release on the axle for easy removal of the wheel should ground clearance be a problem on ferries etc. Finally it is a much better constructed and engineered bit of kit than the standard jockey wheel but that does carry with it a slight weight premium.

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