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Solar Panel Controller

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Just returned after 5 days away useing a solar panel for the first time.


It went better then I though with the panel charging the battery ok.


However, I seem to have problems with the controller in giving out wrong readings in the wrong places!


With the display reading,the window that is meant to show how much power is going into the battery from the panel, always shows 0.

But the window that is meant to show how much is being drawn by the load output, shows how much power is going to the battery from the panel!


The two windows that show accumitive reading is the same too.


If anyone can help, just in case I'm doing something stupid, before I ring up the people I bought it off, it would be great.

I did a auto-test but that was ok.

Many thanks


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Well I rang the supplier explaining the situation, he basicly said I was talking nonsonse and expecting the controller to do things it was'nt meant to do!


I tried it again, with the same result.


So I set up the panel at home, then rang the supplier with the controller right in front of me so I could explain exactly what was happening.


He then did think I could have a problem with it and asked me to return it and he would send out another one.


This he did and it is working fine.

A bit peeved he did'nt believe me at first, also it cost me postage in sending it back, but I have it working now so am grateful.


I guess this is a risk when buying things on the net, as opposed to shopping locally, but there is no solar panel shop near me!



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