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Looking At Buying Our First Caravan

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Hello all,


As the title says really I am looking at entering the world of caravaning and what I know about the subject you can write on the back of a stamp.


I live in the south west of France about half an hour from Spain in sight of the Pyrenees with my wife. Kids have all now flown the nest so we have a bit more free time, money and a full tank of fuel in the car when I go to use it.


On this point the car is a 2004 discovery 2 td5 auto, egr removed, decatted, dual electrics and a remap. I was undecided whether to go for a camper or a caravan. It hasn't taken long to decide on a caravan as I have an ideal car to tow with. I am also used to reversing and towing a large trailer, holding nearly every class of driving licence available.


Due to where we live I may look at a French registered continental caravan as they tend to have aircon on them more than UK vans and the door on the other side but I haven't counted out importing a UK van into France. We are also planning to do a lot of travelling around Spain/Portugal so will also be researching solar energy.


I am on several forums for my vehicles and find them an invaluable source of information on the research side but I will no doubt be asking a few questions in the near future.


Treat me gently as there may be the odd "stupid" question. .....

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