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No 12v Power


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Greetings fellow campers,


I have just returned from a few days away in the van. Whilst away I lost all power to the 12volt circuit, after testing the system it seems that the 240-12v transformer has given up the ghost. I am relying solely on the battery at present and would like to replace the transformer so that in future trips, i can recharge the battery.


I have checked all fuses, and use a meter to check that I am getting 0v output from the transformer.


Swift Challenger 1990


Kind regards



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Hi mark


check that you have 240v on the input to tformer . . and if not, check continuity from mains input through to the tformer (disconnect from mains first)


if this is OK see a caravan breaker for a replacement tformer & circuits.


O. H.

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