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Has anyone fitted a microwave in a caravan cupboard?We have a suitable cupboard with electric point. Do you need a particular type of microwave because it is enclosed?

:) Hi

I use a microwave which is just placed on the workplace in kitchen if needed.

I thought about fitting one in a cupboard. I checked several in most modern caravans at a dealer.

They all use standard microwaves. But they looked for small models - There are not a lot around in the shops.

They use different techniques to fix them:

A. Screws through cupboard-into bottom of microwave

B. A sopisticated arrangement of wooden panels glued onto the cupboard around the microwave and one screwed in above the microwave. These panels are basically are wedges not allowing any movement of the microwave.


I abandoned the idea to fix it in a cupboard, as the the MW is large and the weight is considerably.

I thought that this extra 15-18kg mounted high above the axle will not contribute to stability. Our caravan is a smaller one. Our microwave can be used as well in the awning, and has cost only £25.


I hope this helps.


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Hi, like said earlier we place our microwave on the working top to, a point to look at when placed in a kitchen cupboard is the condensation a microwave gives off when in use, i have wondered could this cause problems ? if the cupboard wasn't adequately vented, our micro stands next to the sink and when we use it we open the caravan kitchen window, we have forgot before and the window has been covered in water vapour, and you will lose a cupboard so thats storage space as well, but standing it on the work top is loss of work space, good luck in your choices :)

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I fitted a microwave in my last caravan. I used a cupboard where I could place the microwave almost on the floor of the van. The machine was secured by using alloy angle on sides and top. The doors of the cupboard were recut to suit the remainder of the upper shelves of the cupboard. The biggest problem was the condensation produced at the back of the cupboard, but that was helped by leaving the cupboard doors open when the microwave was in use. In my present van, we carry the microwave in the car and install it in the awning.

Citroen C5-X7 Tourer+Avondale Rialto 480/2

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We fitted a microwave into our Vendee a while ago. Removed one of the cupboard doors that we did not use very often. . It's not a permanet fitting, we remove it when travelling. We went for a low wattage 550 version.









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Many thanks for your replys. The microwaves I have looked at all require more 'head room' for ventilation than the cupboard provides,and condensation would be a problem. More thought needed for this one,as I do not want to create a problem in new van. Thanks again.

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I fitted a microwave in my Bailey Pageant Series 5 in the space of the two drawers over the heating unit. Used sides of drawer supports for structure, installed a metal sheet for base from B&Q with holes all over for ventilation. Adapted the two drawer fronts with plywood backing into a drop down door held on by long brass piano hinge and two brass chains. Glued two small magnets about 2mm x 10mm x 1mm th from ebay to keep door closed. Fitted two net curtain hooks for hooking chain over to shorten opening area whilst travelling in case door opened. Wedged the micrwave into position with pipe foam insulation strips that stoped it moving whilst travelling. Used for 1 year before trading in caravan.


Had no problems with condensation or heat from heater.


Had installed a microwave in my previous caravan by removing oven unit and having a new pair of cupboard doors made by Bailey to match existing.


Never paid more than £40. 00 for the microwave in case it was damaged whilst travelling, but did not have to replace either microwave.

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Hi all,


When the Fire Service carry out Home Fire Safety Visits, one of the areas which is looked at is the vents on the microwave and that the vents are clear. So it follows that if fitting in a cupboard ensure that the vents have plenty of space between them and the cupboard wall, this is to ensure that the microwave doesn't overheat.


I would also recommend that the manual is read and take note of what the manufacturers say regarding siting of the microwave,





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