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hi all. :D


what a fantastic couple of days we are having, brought the villa home to do a deep clean and bits of maintenence. i always put the alarm on charge but it aint holding any charge! been charging for 2o hrs or so.

the caravilla is 9 yrs old now, so i would imagine the battery in the alarm is at the end of its life. took the alarm off, its a sealed unit. going to leave it on charge for a bit longer.


my questions to you all is: has any body else had this problem? how much?and is it worth bothering with?can we just change the battery,or do we have to get a new unit. we do use the alarm on site,but not in storage.


we have a 97 abbey spectrum.





many thanks. ........lets hope we have more of this good weather B)

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Will be watching this one with interest as I have a 1998 spectrum with exactly the same problem. Charges up fine but doesn't last much past a day :(

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