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Ive used mine that many time now I can be set up in under 5min.

Contact Sky for free view card for one of fee of £20, and Sat kit from Maplins £79. 99


http://www. maplin. co. uk/Module. aspx?Module. ..ource=1&doy=3m5

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Exactly right Ian. ..


Taken from Maplins web site

"Q) Does this work with sky? Does this work with freeview tv? - pixie

A) No and no.


Q) Does this unit have a card reader. - Chris

A) Sadly no."



Only a SKY box will take a Sky card (you can get around this but expensive) so the kit is only good for Free to air stuff . .. and you might lose the signal when it rains as the dish is a little small. ... and I have a wife & two kids to feed so please buy from me. .. :D


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The satellite works perfect in all weathers.

I made a mistake about the card as i have two receivers. Maplin one does not need a card but still works in all weathers.

The smaller the dish the easier it is to align.

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