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Seasonal/longer Term Pitching


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In the process of renovation of my home so want to pitch the van as fallback accommodation for 6-9 months.


I will set levelled pads to stand the van on, blocks for the steadies and consider storage wheels but the tyres are at end of life anyway,


Does anybody have other things to consider. I will look at semi-permanent power and water and there is a drain cover just behind the van for grey waste.


Other thoughts are small soakaways under the back gutters to reduce the possibility of soggy ground, the area is fairly level but with enough of a slope to encourage drainage. I might even be able to redirect the houses satellite downlink :)


Internet will be a problem but I will work on that, nobody on BT WiFi in range unfortunately :( . Longer gas hose for an external canister once the small ones are used up.


Any other wise words.

Coachman Amara 520/4 2003

LR Freelander 2 XS SD4 2. 2 Auto Indus Silver

Border Collie and ES Spaniel (with nothing between its ears)

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If you intend to use the tall 47 kg gas bottle, keep you hose as short as you can, maybe also use a regulator onto the bottle, our last site installed card meters for electric and a few of us converted to the big bottles, both my own and friends truama regulators blow the plug out, could have been dangerous but we both were in the vans at the time, also the yellow gunk leached from the new orange hose blocked my mates water heater gas jet, both coverted to gasglow regulators with stainless hose and used the 13kg inside the locker, much more cost saving over the small 6/7 kg

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