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Hook Up Breaker


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Does anyone know what is required ie circuit breaker when hooking up on site . I have noticed some ask for a firebreak unit? What is it where do I get it .

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Have you checked your caravan for MCB and RCD where the power comes into the caravan ? Usually in the bottom of bunks or wardrobes as they are standard in most caravans .





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No I have not but will when I visit next . Thanks

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I would recommend four safety items when hooking up to a site EHU:

  1. Visual inspection. Mains power should be respected, it can be dangerous. Make a visual inspection of the the EHU site connection, feeder cables, EHU cables plugs, sockets, site circuit breaker. Presence of damage, water ingress, melting, charring etc should be immediately reported and the EHU should not be used.
  2. Electrical test. Buy yourself a small EHU tester - this plugs into the EHU and advises on correct earthing, incorrect live/neutral wirring, voltage, frequency etc.
  3. MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker): Whilst is is very likely that your EHU will have a site MCB, an MCB inside your caravan will protect it's systems. These are usually 25A, meaning that they will not allow any more than 25A in total to flow through your PDU (Power Distribution Unit). Not to be confused with the individual circuit MCBs, which are 16A for some circuits (e. g. water boilers, mains sockets etc) and 6A for other circuits such as Fridge, charger etc.
  4. RCD (Residual Current Device). The only purpose of this device is to disconnect the supply if there is even the slightest short between either the live & earth or neutral & earth. This short could be potentially via you.

NB Sometimes you get combined units that are both MCB and RCD, these are call RCBO (Residual Current Breaker with Over-current). They do exactly the same job as the MCB/RCD.

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Away from UK you have to look after your self but in the UK in the main the supply is RCD protected on the site and also RCD protected in your caravan. In both cases 30ma and for fire it required 300ma so it is already double protected for fire. (30 is smaller than 300 so OK)


One would hope in the UK sockets are wired correctly and 553. 1. 2 of BS7671:2008 says all plugs and sockets must be of the non-reversible type. In Europe this is not the case so if leaving UK then yes you should have some device to show connected correct way around.


There is always the odd site where they have not complied with regulations but as far as a EICR (electrical installation condition report) was called a PIR (periodic inspection report) one is normally only asked for one if the caravan looks tatty and the site owner thinks it likely does not comply.


Using incorrect cable like Arctic cable may be strictly against the rules should be BS 7919 (H07RN-F or equivalent) however in the main people do use blue Arctic cable and any site manager would have to be rather pedantic to stop you using standard 2. 5mm blue cable.


My cable does not comply and as yet never been pulled on it's use. Personally I don't worry if some one complains and I really like the site then I will buy a new cable until then not even a 2. 5mm cable it's only 1. 5mm and not as yet had a problem.

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