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Any Comments Good Or Bad Regarding Gateway Leisure Awnings


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Hi All,

I am in a quandary. ..We have been offered a new Gateway Leisure New Forest Full Awning, by the dealer, with our soon to be picked up, new caravan.


Now, here is the rub!...

I have no knowledge or experience of any of the Gateway Leisure Awning Products, so what better than to ask the guys and gals who frequent this forum. ..of what they think of them, or any experiences they have had. ..both good and bad?


I have had awnings in the past, namely. ..NR Pullman, Bradcot, Salou and Isabella Ambassador. ..so I have had both medium cost and high end awnings at different points in time.


I am aware that the Gateway Leisure New Forest is their "entry level" awning. ..but as a complete unknown. ..I am unsure of whether to "accept" this. ..or not. ..as the case may be?


There also seems?...to be very little in the ways of reviews out there. ..in the big wide world (certainly, as far as I can find)...regarding Gateway Leisure Awnings. ..


. ..so you guys, are my only hope!


Many Thanks,




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