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Not a fan of main dealer servicing, I think they are an overpriced oil change.


Took my Peugeot 4007 to our local main dealer a few weeks ago for its 5th service, I was offered one for £99 and another for much dearer but they could not explain the difference so I chose the cheaper.




I wanted the service record kept up to date and they promised to do a fault diagnosis, I wanted this because every so often the car would misfire.


They reported that there were no faults and that the car was running well.


I checked the oil level after a couple of weeks to find it was very low. I called the dealer who said that it was Peugeot instructions to only fill to 3/4 between low and high.


Has anyone else come accross this? Previous services have filled it up to the high mark.


A few days later the misfire started again worse than ever. This time the emmisions light came on. Worried about this I phoned the dealer and asked if they checked the fluid and particle filter at the service. They said no which surprised me as I believe it is a very simple but important job.


They booked it in to check the fault codes again.


In the mean time I had a look at the EGR valve, 10 years ago I would have changed this myself if that was identified as the problem. While I was looking I unplugged and replugged all the electrical connections I could find, injectors, sensors, common rail.


The car now runs smoother, a bit more go and so far no misfire, also, the light has gone out, result.


The moral of the story, clean connections in order to avoid big repair bills.



Volvo V70 D3 SE (was Peugeot 4007, SsangYong Korando), Pulling a Lunar Clubman SI 2015. If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.


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Anywhere between min and max is fine. one of our boats took 60l to go from min to max. One of our more used forklifts used to throw its oil all over the place until it was 1/8" below min. then was quite happy.

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