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Hi fellow members, have just joined this brilliant website.

I owned a Bailey Ranger 4 berth caravan about 8 years ago, but due to work commitments

decided to sell it due to a lack of use.

Times change and i have now retired so decided to take the plunge and buy another caravan,my wife and i both really enjoy all aspects of this great hobby/pastime.

Last January i purchased what i thought was a bargain Colchester Fleetwood 4 berth 2004

caravan from a private seller. I went to view the van and the seller seemed genuine, with the van looking in a very good condition for the price being asked.( this should have set alarm bells ringing)!

I knew about floor delamination problems but was not up to speed on damp problems, it looked dry with no staining to walls or nasty damp smells.

Any way once i had purchased it i thought i would have it fully serviced and damp tested, to my horror the readings were bad and the van is suffering with damp, the full extent is not fully known

at the moment, getting a quote later this week.

I have decided to cut some of the repair costs by attempting some of the resealing my self,up to now i have removed and resealed 2 sky lights with 1 more to complete. I am thinking i could manage to reseal around the awning rails as well but not so happy about possible window resealing.

I have no come back with the guy that sold me the van as i signed the invoice "sold as seen".

Its like purchasing a car it is always best to have a second person with you who knows.

Any way i will be keeping an eye on this this particular seller as i know he sells vans on Ebay,so will be warning potential buyers to steer well clear of his rubbish.

To brighter things we did go away to one of our favorite sites at Rowsley in the Peak District

last week end and did really enjoy being back into caravanning again, and hope that maybe the damp problems are not as bad as we think. Thanks for reading this folks, talk soon.


Trevor Rodway. - Leicester.

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Welcome to the Forum.

Ford C-Max and Coachman Festival 380/2 SE 2006    Motto  Carpe Diem

Still trying to find the perfect pitch. ..110 amp Battery+ 65 watt roof mounted Solar and 25 watt Wind Turbine. LED lighting. Status Aerial 315. Loose chattels marked with UV,. Safefill Gas Fitted.


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Hello Trevor & welcome to the forum.


Sorry to hear about the caravans problems :(

Paul B

. .......Mondeo Estate & Elddis Avanté 505 (Tobago)

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