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Damp On Locker Door

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Hi All,


After my van had its service this last week it was flagged up that the locker doors had a damp reading of 28%.


The engineer told me how I could go about fixing this myself and seems a straight foward enough job! Just involves undoing a few screws form the inside of the frame and removing the interior board / exterior panel. Cleaning out the old sealant from the frame, apply fresh sealant then put the door back together! :)


I called in at a local caravan center yesterday and bought some sealant that they said would do the job. Think it's a non setting bedding sealant. Before I start enjoying myself i thought I would just double check that other people think this bedding sealant is right for the job??




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I used to make touring vans and we all called the non drying sealant "s**t", because it sticks to everything like s**t to a blanket.

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Seamseal CV is supposed to be good.

Same stuff I've got then! I used it to re-seal in a new water inlet yesterday and it can be messy stuff if not careful. I'll get cracking on the locker doors.

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