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Gas Usage Estimates


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Does anyone have any information on gas consumption estimates for cooking on a per ring basis assuming maximum setting? We have a couple of Calor cylinders, one steel and one light and were away for the first time last years season, probably for about 30 nights. We plan to go to France in May for 15 nights and then a further 12 nights in England before getting home to Northern Ireland. Both of my cylinders are showing at least two thirds full after last season. We always stay on a full,service pitch and only use gas for cooking on the rings and oven (reheating rather than full roasts!), plus BBQ's on the small Cadac. Tea, coffee and toast are all electric as is water and space heating.


My question is really whether I can do the French bit of the trip on what is left in the Calor lite assuming I have 2/3rds left. I don't want to take two cylinders with us, nor to buy a Camping gaz cylinder and regulator for the trip.


If I can get an idea of what a gas ring uses per minute, it will help the decision process!



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If you switch to use FloGas plastic cylinders they have the same connection (27mm push fit) as the French LeCube gas. You can buy the necessary fittings for CaminGaz in the UK of he likes of eBay very cheaply before leaving. May make the switch a bit cheaper. As far as usage stats go, it's largely suckitand see. ..

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Use the EHU as much as you can.


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I cook daily using oven as well as grill and hob. Oven is usually used for at least an hour, sometimes two. Average daily consumption is 155g. A 6kg cylinder lasts roughly 40 nights.


Perhaps you can establish how many nights it has taken you to use the 4 kilos from your current cylinders?


Bear in mind that the inbuilt gauges can't be relied upon. If showing 2/3, it'll be closer to empty than full since the gauges don't start to move until the bottle is half empty. The only reasonably accurate way is to weigh the cylinder. The tare weight ( in pounds and ounces) is stamped on the aluminum collar around the neck.

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We use our gas rings every day more or less, grill occasionally and oven like you for stuff but not full roasts, one 6kg propane lasted from 16/09 to 10/01, we haven't barbecued over this period for obvious reasons!


Going on that I reckon you'll be fine

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You can estimate the amount of gas you will use from the formula -


H x R



H = Number of hours appliances will be in use

R = Rating of appliances being used in kw (from your handbooks)

C = Calorific value of gas (butane 13. 7 kwh / propane 13. 9 kwh)


So, if you think you will use the oven (1. 5kw) for an hour, plus 2 small rings (1. 5kw each) for half-an-hour every night for a week, the calculation will be -


7 x 3 = 1. 5kg

13. 9


…So, a 6kg bottle will last 4 weeks – just for cooking.



  • The appliance ratings can be found from your handbooks – for instance, my cooker has 2 rings at 1. 5kw, one ring at 2. 5kw, a grill at 1. 6kw, and the oven is 1. 5kw.
  • The calorific value of butane is 13. 7 kwh, and propane is 13. 9 kwh.
  • You also need to allow for water heating and the gas fire.
  • … and don’t forget to factor-in takeaways!


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A few years ago we went to France for a month, fully serviced pitches, family of 2+2 and our 2 x 5kg gaslight cylinders lasted the whole trip.

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Last year, I wrote this waffle (I mean I wrote this interesting article) about gas usage.


You can save gas though by, for example, boiling the kettle to give hot water when cooking veg etc. We only really "worry" about it when overseas for extended periods when Calor is not readily available. We spend about £100 on 4 x 13kg Calors in the UK over a 12 month period, so any savings is minimal but overseas, more so if not on sites, the fridge uses gas like its going out of fashion


Gas article



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