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This Tv Was To Good Not To Share.

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Hi Everyone,

I am in the middle of converting a Citroen Relay Minibus into a camper for the Summer for me and my Kids, Managed to get an old caravan and slowly transferring it all into my van,

I have been looking for a while for a decent wee 15" 12v TV, Checking the local ads, Ebay and more and the cheapest i was finding was about £130. Then came across a wee Cracker from SVP for £99 Delivered.

Amazing wee thing, fantastic in the van, I am well chuffed.


https://www. svp. co. uk/manta-15-inch-hd-led-tv-digital-freeview-usb-pvr-media-divx-12v-240v. html


Just really wanted to share as i thought it was a great offer



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Good price, can't knock it at that. Just bought one too, wished I'd waited now. ... :(

Citroen ds4 2. 0 hdi 163bhp Lunar Venus 500 2012.

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Nothing to do with televisions but take care with the seats and belts that will be used when travelling, especially with children on board. Most motor caravans cannot carry many passengers in safety.

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