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Bilbao Ferry Port

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Planning our summer trip. We are thinking of coming back from Bilbao on Brittany Ferries. The ferry leaves about 10 30 am so thinking of overnighting in the ferry port, anyone done this ? what did you think of it.





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Yes you can overnight at Bilbao ferry port, there are modern toilets available and free Wi-Fi in and around the ferry terminal.


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Dockside cafe opens quite early too so if you don't want to make your breakfast you can eat out. When staying overnight we keep near to the wall and back from booths in case we pick wrong lane and booth to the one they open in the morning. They book you in fairly early and then on dockside proper for a couple of hours or so before boarding. Makes sense to stay overnight and make sure you don't miss it for whatever reason.



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Yes, agreed. It's surprisingly convivial and the port people are immensely helpful. We had a huge thunderstorm last time we overnighted, which was a memorable experience.

Enjoy every minute of every day. It doesn't last nearly as long as you'd like, and there's no guarantee of coming this way again.

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