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Tourershine Pros And Cons

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Hi there,


Have just bought a new caravan, my first brand new one. Having read the posts about tourershine, I'm in no doubt at all of the good job that tourershine do, but I have a question.


What are the benefits from the £200 cost? I mean, absolute benefits? Is the van easier to wash, does it resist black streaks etc? Or is it just that the caravan looks a million dollars and that is what people pay for? Do you just wash the van afterwards with water? Soap and water?


As I say, I'm sold on the excellent job, just want to know pros (and any cons) from people who have used the service before I potentially commit the money. ..



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I have used Tourershine on several occasions on different vans and as you have said, the standard is superb. I’m sure plenty of other previous customers will come forward to testify how pleased they have been with Tourershine's work.

With regard to your question, it sounds like you are referring to the Tourershield Paint protection. This is a paint sealant that will create a protective barrier between the elements and your caravans paint surface. I use similar products on cars, but a caravan is much more vulnerable to degradation, staining, tree sap, bird lime etc, the list goes on. Caravans have very soft paint, they can very quickly fade and go flat as you will see on most caravans and motorhomes that are a few years old. My caravan was treated from new, after three years of use and storage without a cover, it would look fantastic when cleaned. Obviously you need to follow some aftercare advice, washing with some chemical cleaning products can strip the protection, but looked after properly, it will be resistant to staining and much easier to clean and look like new again.
Tourershine are very experienced in this field and have great attention to detail, I wouldn’t let anyone else near my caravan. I have recommended them to friends and he has also looked after my parents caravan, so for the service and quality, I think its a fair price. You’ve spent a lot of money buying your caravan, why not help to protect its appearance for the future!
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Cookster - I'm another convert. Just be clear though that you still need to clean and look after the van! This may/will include the odd polish.

What Paul and Paul do is either restore your pride and joy to its original state, and then seal it with a coating (which is what they also do for new vans), which will stop the uv degradation that often happens to vans when out in the sun all year. This is the critical element that makes the difference, as cleaning is easier post treatment and the vans look great.

The critical aftercare point is not to clean it with anything like (TFR - traffic film remover, or non car/van shampoo). Reason for this is that it removes the coatings lovingly put on it

Hope this helps

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Another convert. .. I had our new Arizona done in late 2006. . and it still comes up a treat (7 years later) with just a basic wash and chamois.


It doesn't stop black streaks but they are so much easier to remove!!






P. S. My next new 'van will be treated by Tourershine as early as possible.

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  • 7 months later...

I was a sealant convert, then after prolonged experience with SupaGard I had doubts and after extensive reading in Detailing World forums where the professionals hang out I'm a confirmed skeptic.


Mods - On the subject, why is the Tourershine post locked and pinned? This reads like an advert. If the guys are a forum sponser then fine but please say so. It's not an unbiased post and they have a financial interest. I've no doubt their work is second to none.

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I can answer that question.


We were asked by CT to do a none bias report on our experience of Paint Sealants. This was based on years of our personal experience carrying out these kind of services and the feedback we've had about the actual products.

Remember, we don't develop these products, we only apply them and educate the right way to maintain them. The post does indicate that we are not the only company carrying out these services and it's just down to a personal choice by the end user who they employ.


To answer your question why it's locked.

I agreed to do the write up on the condition it was locked once visible publicly.

My reasons for this was because there are lots of opinions on these products. In our experience the failure of any paint sealants are not down to the products, more the incorrect aftercare advice, or lack of it. I did not want the thread turning into an on going debate of the performance of all Paint sealants where my business was named. We only do a tiny percentage of the amount of these services taken by owners each year.


We are constantly monitoring the performance of all the products we currently use, both with different customers around the UK and our own vehicles and Caravans. We use the same aftercare products and methods we educate all our customers, and not once in 6 years has anything failed on either our vehicles or the customers we keep in contact with during these extended test periods.

Any product or service will always have it's share of skeptics, but hopefully we are trusted enough to know that should anything fail, we will be the first point of contact to investigate the reason and if needed, put right. (not had that situation yet in 6 years)


I hope that answers your query.

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Thanks. Seems Paint Sealants polarize opinion like Tyron Bands and perceived value is in the eyes of the consumer.


For what it's worth - in a long term group test (on the side of a horse-box) Supagard was outperformed for water beading by good old Autoglym Super Resin topped off with their Extra Gloss Polish (applied at same time).


P. S. How can it be proven that a paint sealant has 'failed'? Likewise ever tried claiming on VW or Toyota corrosion warranties? :)

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Firstly, although most paint sealants are in theory the same products, Superguard is not one we use, so I cannot comment on its performance. Autoglym Super Resin however, is a product we use and have for years because of its longevity. As for Extra Gloss protection, we tested it against the use of just SRP, and the performance was no better and no worse. Bare in mind extra gloss and products like HD wax by Autoglym, are better suited to a modern painted car in our experience and both work great on my car.


It's funny you mention a Horse box because that's one of the selected test vehicles and that's full GRP construction, that also hasn't failed.


I will clarify how we are monitoring the test vehicles.

We basically selected 6 jobs in different locations and came to agreements with the customers that they'd have a reduced price and unlimited supply of the aftercare products we advise over as longer period as we can maintain. They were asked to follow our exact aftercare advice to the letter and report back to me every 6 months with 2 simple answers.

Is it still easy to clean?

Has it faded?

That's all we are interested in when it comes to these services because that's all we try to prevent. 'fading'

I'm aware this isn't by any means a solid scientific test, but it give me the confidence in what we sell and how it's applied. I'd never just except the claims by product manufactures without some kind of test myself because it's my name and reputation on the paperwork.


We recently lost 2 test jobs due to one selling up and the other part exchanging for a new caravan.


As for our own way to prove our own product has failed. Simple, if it faded within a few years.

Though it's not quite that simple, because the failure as we found out on the handful of jobs that claimed to have 'failed' wasn't due to the product or the application. (Please note, these were not jobs we'd carried out, they were jobs that had been Paintsealed by other companies and dealer). Every single job had gone against what we advised in one form or another. All jobs had let either a dealer or a roadside car wash gang to clean their Caravan or Motorhome.

This is why it's so imperative you follow the aftercare advice given to maintain your products performance. This is also why it's so difficult to put in a claim to any sealant provider, because they simply cannot police how the products being maintained.

Again, why it's more important to choose the right company to apply the product in the first place. That way you have a fighting chance with the information they drum into you personally and not just a finished job with a leaflet you may loose.


Lastly to your anti corrosion question.

Paul who works with me is a VW nut!! He eat sleeps and breaths older VWs. He recently bought a mk4 golf GTI which was within the anti corrosion period. He took it to VW to claim for a roof edge that has blistered with rust, they told him as he wasn't the original owner, neither himself or the dealer could prove any previous paint repairs or work carried out to the effected area. Claim rejected.

Warranties are great when they work for you but not so great when it's your responsibity to prove if you've carried out everything in the warranty terms and conditions

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What about the longevity of the Tourershield product? I know ive had two of my vans done by Paul, and probably a third soon. I always wash and cover my van after its trips away, so its not really exposed to the elements too much. But what about owners vans that are exposed to the elements all the time? How does Tourershield stand up to this exposure? My father had his motorhome treated by Paul but is a bit underwhelmed by the fact he still has to use considerable amounts of elbow grease to remove black streaks from the bodywork

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