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2011 Milan Bunk Bed Query


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Hi, We are new to caravans, and decided to purchase a used 2011 Milan.

The questions I have are numerous, I could do with a caravan nanny!!! :) but I hope you will please help with just the one.

We are buying from a dealer who have so far been very helpful, especially at unloading my bank balance ;) but whilst we were at the showroom to purchase the van, we asked the salesman for a demonstration of how the bunk beds will go together as we have never attempted this ourselves quite obviously.

The salesman tried to show us, but no matter how he tried, he could not get the cushions for the seats to fit correctly on the 2 beds at all.

He then said that there maybe some mattresses that should be with the van, although none were found.

I have now been told by them that there maybe none supplied as this is how they come.

I find this extremely difficult to fathom, as the cushions DO NOT FIT correctly!!

Can anyone please explain to me the correct layout etc, are there supposed to be extra mattresses? Or does anyone have any pictures I can refer to.

I have emailed customer support at Bailey's, albeit earlier today, but as yet with no response.

I am getting slightly worried, because the 2 kids will be using the beds often.

Thanks for reading this, and I do hope someone can help, we are supposed to be picking the van up in 2 weeks and we can't wait.



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I have a Madrid 2011 so very similar.


My dinette seat bases along with a grey square cushion (normally in the wardrobe) make up the bottom bunk. There should also be another thinner set of grey cushions for the top bunk. They are standard with the caravan NOT optional. Possibly on your one the dinette backrest may make up the bottom bunk with the base cushions but you should definitely have a cushion in the wardrobe or under the seats somewhere for the top bunk. It is very thin and normally grey.


As we don't make up our bunks we keep the cushion in our spare room at home. Possibly the previous owner has done the same and forgotten them.


I've tried to look on Baileys Parts site but cannot find them sorry.


Make sure you get them before you take the van. The cushions etc are expensive for what they are form Bailey.

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Just a follow up and some information for those that maybe some day need some help.

Bailey have replied to my email, and as suspected the Pegasus Milan IS supposed to have 2 mattresses for the side dinette bunks. I will be contacting the dealer tomorrow with this information and if anyone should need the part number, it is as follows:1200807 and the web address for Bailey parts is:http://www. bailey-parts. co. uk/


Thanks Ian, I was just writing the last post when you added your post!!

I certainly won't be fobbed off now that I have concrete proof of what should be there.

We were convinced of this, but obviously being new to this not too sure.

Thanks for your help.


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