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Rialto 480-2 2002/3


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Hello Gordon


I would like to pick your brains if I may.


or anyone else's for that matter.


I have made a pair of brackets to try on our rialto. But before I do try them I would like some enlightened feedback from more knowledgeable people that myself with regards caravans.


the brackets are in 2 parts. 1 bolts to the existing hole in the alko chassis. and returns slightly under the chassis. I can then lift the van with a 1 or 2 ton bottle jack for wheel changing etc.


the second part screws to the first part and creates an extension that, when the bottle jack is removed will support the van with the wheels just off the ground.


my idea was to have a fixed jacking point and an add on that would serve as a winter storage bracket.

It may have totally wasted my time, but at the moment it seems like a good idea.


can you see any problems with the design? or see something I have missed.


any comments or advice would be appreciated . they will fit nicely in the skip if useless.



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My thoughts are that a you can use a bottle jack to lift the caravan without the need for a specific bracket, and having done so, then standard axle stands can be employed ti support the caravan if needed.


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