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Bailey Bordeaux 2005 Aeriel Question

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New to caravans and have picked up a 2005 Bailey pageant Bordeaux 4berth.

It has a round encased aeriel on the roof. How do I find out what aeriel this is and do you know if it would be capable of receiving digital signals?


I think it's the std aeriel that would have come with it as I've seen a few with the same one on.


There's also a tv signal booster in the tv cupboard if that helps?


All responses gratefully received, I have done a search, but it didn't throw up an answer for this.





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Good morning and :welcome:


The Aerial is probably a Status omnidirectional aerial about which you find many opinions on the forum, as these aerials seem to like Marmite in popularity.


The short answers to your questions are:


Yes it will pick up digital signals and the device in the cupboard is a booster.


A longer answer is that, as you have deduced, these aerials have been fitted to caravans for many years. They were originally designed during the analogue signal era but they also pick up digital signals. A variant made by the same company is the directional aerial which can be pointed towards the nearest transmitter.


If you regularly watch satellite or cable TV at home then you may need to consider a portable satellite system for your caravan. TV signal strengths can vary throughout the UK and some caravan sites are located in areas of poor TV reception.


My caravan has a Status omnidirectional aerial and during the analogue/digital changeover period I used an aerial on a mast when in an area where there was a weak TV signal. Since the changeover I have rarely needed to use the aerial on a mast. One exception recently was the CC site at Moorhampton near Hereford where the Status aerial could not pick up a signal and my mast aerial was only able to pick up a good signal from the local BBC and ITV channels. Others on the same site were unable to get any TV reception.


Underneath the device in the TV cupboard you should find a switch, which when in the on position illuminates a red light. Please be aware that caravan battery power is not always switched off when the caravan Master switch is off. If the caravan is in storage or parked on your drive with the switch in the on position your caravan battery may be drained of power. I once left my caravan in storage for two months130 miles away from my home with the booster switch on though the Master switch was off. When I returned to the storage site to collect my caravan the battery was flat. :(







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Ssangyong Korando Sports SX / Adria Altea 472DS Eden


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Wowser! Thanks for the very comprehensive answer, really appreciated.


Will have our second night in the caravan this weekend so can test it then. Didn't bother with the tv last time as I was too busy making sure everything else worked and working out what was what!

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We had that type of status aerial on our old Senator Vermont and leading up to digital changeover it was next to useless, we then changed to the Virginia and have the directional status on that and it was better. Friends we meet up with have the round omnidirectional status on their van and now with the full digital service they have no problems getting a signal other than in bad signal areas where we both struggle.

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Well, I now know that I have a status 315 aerial (spelt correctly this time!)


Finished setting up, connected the freeview hd tv I bought for home (measurement mistake means it's too small for home, but is perfect size for the van!).

Switched it on and now watching the Scotland have a go at the French in full HD.

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