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We were having a discussion about the merits and shortcomings of the Supermule on the old board. Unfortunately I was not able to log in for a while and now the thread has disappeared. Can we start it up again please.


http://www. supermule. com/webform1. aspx


I remember someone liked it

Someone said it did not work on their van

Someone said the company had been taken over and the new version did work

I wanted to know where I could see one demonstrated



Has anybody got one ?

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Guest john1215

Re someone saying it did not work on their van - I believe that the van floor could be drilled so that the control hole was underneath the entrance door carpet. Someone pointed out that their carpet was a fixture and not removable. There were a number of links to another caravan forum in relation to the Supermule not being so good, it had been foiled on some occasions. I can't give chapter and verse but it was something like that. Can I add that I've never had or seen the product I have only heard about it in this forum and so I have no personal opinion to add about Supermule.





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The insurance assessor that came to us when our last van was stolen couldn't give Supermule enough praise. He had one fitted to his caravan and it had beaten the thieves on one attempt.

Going to have one fitted soon, think we might go for the side access version.

Nev and Tina

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