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Lunar Stellar (Remove Drop Down Hand Basin)

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Hello folks,

I have a 2007 Lunar Stellar. The drop down basin above the toilet needs to be removed.

Can anybody tell me how to remove it? I am afraid to put too much force on it. I have been able to remove the right hand side but the left side will not disconnect.


These things are always easy when you know how - and I don't.

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:welcome: but I can't help but maybe others can.


Out of interest, why do you want to remove it?


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I'm sure there is a pipe leaking within the space under the drain plug. There seems to be no other way of getting at it.

It was OK when I finished camping last year but we went on site last weekend and water poured everywhere when I tried to empty the bowl.

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If all else fails a mobile caravan service engineer might be an idea.

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I don't know if it is the same with the Lunars, but I removed several tip up sinks from our various Avondales by tipping the sinks to 45degrees, then pulling firmly at 45degrees. You have to pull harder than you think, as the side plastic has to deform around the sink pivot point. Once removed, you will then have very restricted access to the waste hopper under the sink, and of course the plug-hole at the base. This is acceptable for cleaning any accumulated crud, but unfortunately if there is a leak is below the hopper then the wall moulding will probably need to be removed for access.

I hope that's some help.


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Hello Gordon,

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately my hand basin will not come out that way.

The problem is within the bowl itself. The drain runs inside the bowl and the pipe comes out at the left side of the bowl.


I'll have another go at it but I will probably end up getting a mobile service engineer as John47 suggested.

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