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New Swift - Sprite Danette (First Time Owner)


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I am picking up my very first caravan end of March / Early April - a 2014 Swift / Sprite Classic Major 6 TD.


Just wondering :


1) Does anyone have one of these models? or similar. ... anything I should look out for or double check before I drive away from the dealer?


2) In more general terms on the day of picking up and the first few nights of using the caravan - again are their any specifics I should look for?


Basically I want to check for recommended problems/issues to look for, rather than just waiting for a problem (being pro-active).





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Theirs no quick answer to your question.


But do not pay a penny until you have seen the caravan plumbed up to a aqua roll, not mains water, with mains electric.

And everything working.


Check every cupboard and door, worktop for damage, and look along the outside of the caravan from all angles, looking for dents and scratches. If you need reading glasses wear them. Double check each other, my wife's good at finding dents I don't see.


I believe "left hand down" has an excel sheet you can copy.


unfortunately even the most comprehensive check list will see items missed, so if possible camp nearby the dealer for a few days to establish any problems.


If you can check the roof at the dealers, if not check immediately you arrive home.

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There's a lot to take in (the Brain ) at a hand over take notes and use a camera / video camera / phone camera



Down load the manual and service book from the Swift web site read and learn :-less to absorb on the hand over

Also loads of info on the electrical systems at the Sargent electrical web site



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