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Scary Video

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Well fortunately, as shown in this case, much of the population still does care ultimately when it comes down to it, that is the only fact we can take from that video.

Anything else is opinion, which of course we are all entitled to have and share.


Glad you were OK GAS, but that did conjure up some amusing pictures sorry! Some of my colleagues have had the same issue when they first got their new road bikes and not used to the clipped in cleats!

Unless you've tried it, you simply won't understand. .....

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This very same video has prompted lots of relpys on the Aust. caravaners forum.


http://www. caravanersforum. com/viewtopic. php?f=2&t=46510.


Some are more like essays. Lot of knowalls. I keep out of most of those type of threads.



Diesel Pathfinder 140kw/450nm towing off road Trakmaster 16' Nullarbor caravan.
690 watt solar, 300 amphr Lifep04, 3 x 85 L water tanks. Airbag suspension.

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