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Porch Awning Wanted But What Size?


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Evening all, we have a 1994 Bailey Discovery SE Avalon and I would love a porch awning but having tried a traditional square NR one we found it was too long (or our awning rail height was too low), we then borrowed a more modern porch awning with the bendy poles and again this was too long and could not be pegged down with the walls vertical as they should be.


Can anyone recommend a porch awning which would fit or is known to fit vans with lower awning rail heights?


Or does anyone know the rail height for my van, sadly it's away in storage and not convenient to go and measure it at the moment


many thanks, Matt

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Probably better off with the curved quarter moon shape, that was my first awning and is a nice size, easy to manage & gives required height

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Hi Matt,


I would think you need something along the lines of a 7ft 6" high NR porch. The one you previuosly tried was probably an 8ft one, hence it not fitting correctly. The vast majority of the modern, lightweight porches would I imagine be too tall.





Specialising in pre-owned caravan awnings, visit www. canvaslove. co. uk for more info!

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