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Heki 11 Rooflight Hinges

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Does anyone know of an amended fix to snapped Heki 11 rooflight hinges. Without having to replace the exterior frame

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It will be very difficult to fashion a repair that will last. .. You may have to buy a new frame, or permanently keep shut.

Thanks caravanmedics i probably knew what you r reply was going to be and i can purchase an exterior frame of the internet as you say at considerable cost. but i was hoping someone had come across the same problem and had a cheap effective repair. After all keeping it shut is not an option given that summer 2014 is almost certainly going to be a scorcher based on the winter we are enduring

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Try caravan breakers?


http://www. caravanninglinks. com/?goto=page&get=35&adStart=20


or put Heki hinge into ebay - there 2 listings for the hinge but is it the one you want?


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