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I was giving the van a bit of spring clean at the weekend and noticed a spot of water had leaked in around the wet locker. It seems the original sealant had dryed out and cracked on the the top corners.

I took the box out and checked the surround, everything still feels solid and I get readings of up to 40% for a couple of inches either side then they rapidly drop down to under 15% so I'm not overly concerned regarding damp as it hasnt spread.

As a temporary fix I've used Plumbers Gold which is a hybrid polymer sealant until I can sort it out properly but as the original mastic has only lasted 4 years I'm thinking a better solution would be along the lines of Soudal Fix All or maybe MSeal295 Marine Sealant.

Does anyone have any other recommendations or suggestions ?

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The only sealant that I would recommend is SIKAFLEX, I used to own a canal boat which had a porthole that leaked a lot, I tried various sealants, and sikaflex was the only one that cured the leak for me, I know it's used a lot in the marine industry.

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