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Greetings From Ireland


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Hi @ all,


My name is Lars. I'm originally from Germany living in Ireland for 12 years now.

Two weeks ago I bought my first caravan and I did all the mistakes a newbie can do. When I got there it was dark, no torch and 2 overexcited kids. It is a CI Sprite 400 from 1986.

Well, I thought I can't do much wrong for 400 EUR! ;)


Next day after a good wash I slowly realized what I got into. The damp problems are everywhere. Some of the wood disappeared completely and the screws of the awning rail were hanging in the air. :o. Now I'm the proud owner of a damp meter. Better late than never.

I stripped the van internally down to most of the alu skin.


It's turning out to be a total rebuilt. :blush:




Now I'm sourcing all sorts of material. The most issues I have are with the awning rail. More the rubber inlet for covering the screws. It needs to be replaced but I can't find a new one.

It's "L" shaped. I tried most of the online shops in the UK but no luck so far.


Has anyone experience with a Sprite 400??


BTW: tow car is a Renault VelSatis 2. 0T (which breaks down all the time but my mechanic says she is not broken, she has character :blink:, well she is French after all)


For this year I'm planning to go to good old Germany with the Sprite. ..watch this space B)


Thanks for reading. ..und Grüße von der grünen Insel



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You live in a lovely place Lars. .. was there a couple of years ago.





Kia Sorento KX-1 CRDI 4WD towing an Elddis Affinity 530

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:welcome: but your caravan is probably drier than parts of southern England!


Best of luck with your project and quite a few of our members have experience of dealing with old damp vans!


Unless otherwise stated all posts are my personal opinion 

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Thanks for the welcome to all of you :D


If anyone owns a German van and needs some help sourcing parts or other stuff, just give me a shout. I can have a look at German websites or get in contact with someone in Germany if English only is not helpful.





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