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Recommendation For Site In France Summer 2014

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Hi there, have left it somewhat late this year to book a site for summer 2014. Looking at the Vendee or slightly further south. Have spent the last 2 summers at Camping Bel at La Tranche Sur Mer. Looking for a similar family friendly site, ideally within cycling/walking distance to the nearest beech.


Everything we find that we like seems to be booked up already. Any recommendations gratefully received.


Thanks in advance.

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Have you looked at Camping du Jard about 2 to 3 miles south of Bel.


It's a much bigger site incorporating cabins etc.


But the pool and slides are larger than Bel and beach is close by.


Wouldn't be first choice, that would be Bel, but beggars can't be choosers.





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Its not quite as far south as you wanted as it is half way along Douarneney Bay but we went for a week in 2011 and stayed for three. The site is right next to the beach and there is so much scenery around that I thoroughly recommend it. http://www. camping-treguer-plage. com

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