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Suck It And See Towing Mirrors

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Sorry if this is in the wrong section but I couldn't see where to post it!!


Anyway. .....does anybody use the suck it and see towing mirrors and what do you think of them? I like the idea of being able to change the angle of the mirror by using the cars existing electric mirrors


I currently use the aero ones that clip to the top edge of the mirror housing but I find that every time I use them I have to constantly change the position of them as I can never seem to install them in the exact to the mm same position. Other issue is when we swap drivers over we have to keep adjusting them. As you all know it's up a bit, down a bit, pull it in, push it out. ....oh never mind leave it where it is and I'll move my head instead.




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I havnt tried them but imagine that using the cars electric mirrors to adjust the towing mirror could leave the car mirrors out of position.


Pain in the bot getting in and out of the car to adjust the traditional towing mirror but I don't think I could drive with the car mirror spotting planes.


I do use both mirrors when I tow.


I have never owned any sucky device that stayed put. With my luck my towing mirrors would be under Eddie Stobart on the first motorway.

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I found suck it mirror vibrated and was hard to see and I changed to Grand Aeros . My mirrors clamp on in the same position every time and don't need adjusting.

They also hang on a bungee cord they fall off outs a nice dent in the door.


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I have the suck n see mirrors, and find them good for that reason.


The only problem I have is the view in the cars mirror is obstructed, as I tend to keep an eye on this to look down the line of the van. But with a bit of trial and error you can get a good compromise.


The mirrors themselves work well and give a good clear view. No issues with vibration or with them falling off.



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I have used suck it and see mirror for about 5 years and would not use anything else they are great.

I used Aeros before but have found the SIAS way better

Easy to adjust with your normal mirrors if put on a clean mirror properly they never fall off.

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Got a pair stuck in the shed as I just didn't like them, and yes, they vibrated, blocked the main mirror view, and did indeed fall off, more than once.



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I've been using the suck it mirrors for a couple of years and have no complaints about them. Some people seem worried about them being fastened to the actual mirror in case the car mirror is damaged. Last year whilst touring in Scotland I pulled into a lay by to let a string of traffic pass me and a motorhome smashed the suck it mirror to smithereens and knocked it clean off. There was no damage to the car mirror at all and it's still working fine. The motorhome didn't stop by the way. I had to use the mirror from the nearside (convex) till we got to our site in North Ledaig and then buy a pair from a sells everything type shop in the village. It made me realise I wouldn't like to tow with a convex mirror on the drivers side.

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