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Alarm Not Taking Juice!


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For the last few years (five with my current main battery) I have changed batteries in storage about once every 6 weeks or so (down to 12. 3v or 70%) but this is my first winter with Bailey Unicorn Madrid 2012 and battery has now managed 9 weeks and still shows 12. 56v which is 90+%.

5 year old battery 85 Ah and all measurements with 'proper' meter which shows that the on-board voltmeter reads a bit low.

Is that just down to our mild (but wet!) winter so far or just a better designed alarm?

Sam :beardy:

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Our van lives in storage - a 2012 Unicorn Valencia - with a 110ah battery fitted. We last used the van 5 weeks ago on site with EHU in the first week in January. I checked the battery with a multi meter last week and it was reading 12. 81v.

I regularly check the battery condition throughout the year and I keep a record of the readings as we rely on a motor mover to position the van on/off its storage pitch - I'd hate for it to fail because of a low charge. It has never dropped below 12. 64v.

I guess the tracker/alarm doesn't drain too much from the battery ?

I have charged the battery at home once or twice a year since owning the van to ensure a full/complete charge.




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