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Paint Sealing And It's Benefits

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The Feature below is something i've been asked to put together to try and answer some of the questions that pop up from time to time on the forum on this subject. All the advice and opinions below are through our own extensive experiences of 'Our' Paint Sealing system. We are not here to comment on other companies or products that we have no experience of. Neither will we enter into any debates with regards these products and other companies, unless we are asked directly or the question is about our own products and services.



Paint sealants and the benefits

One question that comes up on a regular basis is the Paint sealing debate. Are they worth applying? Whos best to apply them? Do they actually work? What am I actually

paying for? Etc etc.

As a trade member that offers these services along with our Restoration work, I often dread these questions coming up on a public forum. Many forums in general seem to generate more negative experiences than positive ones, after all, thats one of the reason people use forums, to vent.


Lets start with why these products are worth applying to new Caravans and Motorhomes. Many dealers or sellers of these services will prioritise the ability of these products to make future cleaning easier, something thats true. We however are a business that specialises in restoring faded Caravan and Motorhome panels. So we feel the UV stabilisers in some of these products are far more important. These products if looked after correctly, will help stop the sun from destroying and weathering panels. (This is even more critical on newer full GRP constructions) Many Caravan owners are well aware or have personally experienced faded front panels initially, then faded sides after a longer period of time, depending which side is in direct sunlight for long periods. Rear panels rarely fade in our experience. This is mainly because the rear is normally sheltered from the sun in either a storage site or against a house. This is obviously the opposite way round for those that store their Caravan forwards on a drive for security reasons. The first picture is of a 2008 Freedom Caravan that had been stored in such a way, that the sides and the rear had been exposed. This Caravan had never been sealed with anything, just kept nice and clean as per most Caravans or Motorhomes. You can clearly see just how faded the panel has become, when you see where the Enka decal was. Plus the lack of any reflection on the full panel. This is exactly how most Caravan front panels look after as little as 18 months sat in the sun. This is where our Restoration work puts things right. However, if this was sealed with a form of paint sealant, then the fading should of never occurred in the first place.




Why not just use a wax and do it yourself?


This is of course a perfectly viable solution and one weve often recommended. We often ask a

customer that initially enquires about our Tourershield paint sealant, if they are able to wax their own Caravan or Motorhome at least twice a year. The reason regular waxing is advised is

because a wax will naturally break down after a short period of time. Where as most Paint

sealants are designed to cure and harden, thus lasting and not naturally breaking down. This

eliminates the need for constant waxing to protect your investment. Most people would sooner opt for a more permeant solution and spend less time waxing, giving more time to actually relax on holidays.


Why do people think these products fail?

Simple reason being aftercare advice, or lack of it. Weve all been there and asked the questions, only to have been fobbed off with a leaflet explaining things. This is sometimes the case with these services. Dealers are there to sell these products to the public, thats their job. However, rarely do these services get done by any dealers. They are carried out by professionals from outside companies. The customer doesn't get to speak to the company applying the product.

They just collect their new purchase with the peace of mind that their vehicle is protected for

several years and thats it. Wrong. These products will only last as long as you follow some important rules. Some providers will ask you to apply certain products to keep things Topped up.

Others will say they need to inspect every year or so. Different companies have different rules. One thing that most of them will all agree with is the incorrect use of harsh chemicals.


One of the biggest issues in the Paint Sealing industry, is the use of TFR (Traffic Film Removers) These products are widely used by Valeters, Dealers, Road side wash gangs, and even the public if they buy the wrong products. TFR will remove most PaintSealants in one wash if strong enough. This then exposes the unprotected panels below. The product has then vanished, and the user eventually thinks its failed! Hence why you read some negative comments across the internet.


How do we personally know these products work?

Because we spent over a year testing our product on a work vehicle. This vehicle was washed

several times a week with what we now recommend. We never used any harsh chemicals or TFR, and we simulated simple methods that all Caravan and Motorhome owners could follow and replicate with ease. The test vehicle was then sent for some warranty work on a gearbox. This was subsequently washed by the dealer with a TFR product, which removed all traces of our sealer in one wash. "Thanks for that!"




The same product has now been on our other work vehicle for over three years. The above picture was taken an hour ago in the rain. It clearly illustrates the protective properties still after all this time by the way the water beads on the paintwork.

Again, the van has only ever been washed with the products we recommend afterwards.


To sum up, these products do work and weve proved that. We also have many customers that will happily confirm this on several different forums, including this one if you type our name in the search box above. We are not the only business providing these services, so the choice is vast on companies to use. Our advice is to use the internet and look around. Its not always down to price and whos the cheapest. Its about confidence in the company providing these services. They can also be done on your driveway if you wish. Giving you the piece of mind that you can monitor if the products are applied correctly, if at all, in some stories weve read about. The last picture is of a finished sealed 2014 Swift that should look just as good in several years, as it does here. This not only maintains the maximum resale value, but also holds a lot of pride on the site for years to come.


At the end of the day, we are the people who rectify the damage caused when Paint sealants have not been applied. I can assure most people that a visit from us to rectify a worst case scenario, will cost far more than the cost of these prevention services in the beginning. !


The choice is yours.




Anyone that needs any extra help or advice can PM me though here if they wish.

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The test vehicle was then sent for some warranty work on a gearbox. This was subsequently washed by the dealer with a TFR product, which removed all traces of our sealer in one wash. "Thanks for that!"


This sums up the problem in a nutshell. A punter pays £400 for what is sold as a hard, sealed on product that actually gets removed by a commonly used detergent in the industry. It might be washed off the week after being put on and you'd never know. Until there is some joined-up thinking about this within the industry it seems pointless to even consider such a product.

Enjoy every minute of every day. It doesn't last nearly as long as you'd like, and there's no guarantee of coming this way again.

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Paint Sealing is only a small part of our business, it's the Restoration side of things we do more of.


My simple advice to everyone is this:


If you let anyone wash and maintain your vehicle, don't waste your money on paint sealing. However, if you look after your vehicles yourself and you are particular about this, then it's well worth the money getting a good company to protect your Caravan or Motorhome.



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