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Half Term Weekend Away In New Van

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Hi all


We've just picked up our first caravan and the kids are doing to get out in it. It's half term next week so the timing is perfect, but the weather isn't.


We're near Brighton and we're after a caravan site that's open this early, near something that the kids can enjoy (castle, zoo, you get the idea) and ideally isn't flooded (ie anywhere in the South West.


Can anyone recommend something?





Only one prang so far!

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Don't know it but try here - got it from a search


The Barn Caravan Park

Old Salts Farm Road
West Sussex

BN15 8JG

Tel: 07801 694064



Oh and. .......................... :welcome:


or Brighton Caravan Club site if you are a member.


Unless otherwise stated all posts are my personal opinion 

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If its your first trip I wouldn't stray too far from home, but you could try this

http://www. caravanclub. co. uk/caravanclubapps/applications/uk-caravan-sites-and-parks/SiteDetails. aspx?csid=21909&arrivalDate=15%2f02%2f2014&departureDate=22%2f02%2f2014

Near the seaside, plus Corfe castle etc. not sure whether the steam trains are operating in the winter

Also kids only cost a penny!!

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