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Not really a review of towing hence location on this forum. !! My issus with the CX7 are well documented on the long running 'Oh Dear' thread. Suffice to day that its seems to finally be being resolved and the dealer has leant me a loan car in the meantime.

The car in question is a very top of the range Mazda6. This is the 2. 2d sport nav model with the 175 bhp engine.


All I can say is what a superb car. Its spacious, fast, relatively smooth suspension (guess the sport model and 19" wheels dont help) but above all it does an easy 50mpg. I used to put £85 per week into the Cx7 which did about 35 mpg - after 1 week this has used £50. Thats a saving of about £130 per month to me!


Downsides are that some of the plastics arnt of the same quality as my previous BMW's, Mazda still seem to use cheap carpet and thats about it. Its too light for my caravan - even this fully loaded model only comes in at 1550kg but if I was looking for a 'non-premium' family car such as Mondeo, Passat, Insignia etc this would be a strong contender - and thats even after all my issues with the CX7.

330d with a Challenger following!

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