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Bmw 320d And Est Towbar


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Just taking the plunge and buying our first caravan.


Really been reading up so we do it right, and we have decided we want the Bailey Ranger 500/5 (approx 2000 model) as a cheap starter caravan.


I've subscribed to www. towsafe. co. uk and matched this with my 2004 BMW 320d saloon.


All the MTPLM sections come up safe and around the 85% mark, but the Est. Towbar section comes in at 114% and a caution rating.


On reading the help notes it says "The difference between the vehicle manufacturers maximum allowable towbar nose weight (when using the approved towbar) and the estimated 7% of the caravan's gross weight. If this calculation exceeds 100%, you should pay close attention when loading your caravan to ensure its noseweight is below the tow vehicle's limit."


Should this stop me buying this caravan? Or does it mean we should really be OK, just don't put any heavy weights in the front of the caravan when loading it? I am having the Brinkmatic Classic detachable towbar system fitted next week as I have reversing sensors, if this makes any difference.

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I don't think you will have a problem. Most cars are limited to around 75Kg towball weight, which is normally slightly less than 7% of the caravan weight on most cars. Just adjust the loading in the caravan to give the the highest noseweight possible, without exceeding the car towball weight, which I believe is 75Kg on yours - check in handbook. You can check the noseweight by a dedicated noseweight gauge, which cost around £16, or use bathroom scales with an appropriate length of wood under the hitch and lower off on the jockey wheel. Aim to load heavy items in your caravan close to the axle and low down. One you have experimented and got it balanced, if you put everything in the same place next time out, the noseweight will not be far off.


It is also recommended that you use a stabiliser, or if you using a detachable towball, a friction type hitch such as a Winteroff or Al-Ko.


As you are a beginner, have a good read of the CC Beginners manual


http://www. caravanclub. co. uk/NR/rdonlyres/...Caravanning. pdf



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