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Ibiza Or Mallorca Anyone?

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Have never seen any caravan sites on my many visits to Majorca, but if there are any then would advise you get an aircon unit fitted before going to Balieric Islands.

I only saw one site on Ibiza which was dreadful. About 100yrs out of date, in woodlands between S'argamassa and Escana.

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We saw a good number of German Motorhomes in storage in SE Majorca. ..........didn't see any caravans, but as there is a huge German resident population with yachts and launches there may be some around. .


http://en. camping. info/spain/balearic-islands/majorca. ..


There are ferries from Barcelona to Palma. ..........Friend took a Rally Car on a trailer on this service last year, think it cost him about £500 after the costs of getting to the bottom of Spain. .........


Too pricey me thinks. ......


Kia Sorento KX-1 CRDI 4WD towing an Elddis Affinity 530

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Couple of sites on Menorca, look ok

Nissan X-Trail Tekna + Coachman Festival 450

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