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Weigh Your Goods And Chattels


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My old caravan has a small payload, so I bought a set of scales like these

http://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/Portable-40kg-Handheld-Digital-Luggage-Scale-Balance-Weighing-Suitcase-Travel-/151008128983?pt=UK_TravelTickets_Accessories_RL&hash=item2328c92fd7

and then weighed and discreetely marked the stuff I pack with a fine point

indelible pen. It might help to keep your noseweight right, if you can pack

bulky but light stuff in the caravan with any heavy kit over the axle

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That's a good idea especially if the items you want to weigh have a handle of sorts to hang on. We use the old method of bathroom scales, inventory is marked in a book with the relevant weights so when we take it all off in the winter for servicing we load it back again in the spring and know just how much weight we have on the van.

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