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Tow Bar

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Hi, I have a Serento 04 plate that needs a towbar.


Should I go for a flanged or a swan neck and how will it affect the parking sensors



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Hi Rob,


Which type of tow bar becomes one of personal choice really. Personally I would opt for the swan neck as this cancels the need for an expensive ALKO flange towball ( I believe your van has the ALKO hitch ). Parking sensors only work when reversing & depending on how the fitter wires your electrics will either come on when reversing the van, or not if he fits a relay to prevent them working when the van is attached. My modeo has parking sensors which go berserk when reversing the van, but as I do this so infrequently I can live with it.

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An Alko flange towball costs in the region of £19. I had to fit one to our car last year. You have to weigh up the cost and what you prefer. You can actually get a detachable one that still has a flange towball, we had one on our Sportage.

All personal preference at the end of the day. We have a fixed towball,but I don't walk into it as we have a spare wheel on the back door of the shogun, but when we had our sorento and sportage we had detachable towballs as I used to walk into the damned things when the van was not on the back of the car.

PS try PFjones they sell reasonably cheap towbars, I have had 3 from them, all were good quality and cheaper than anywhere at the time.

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The reversing sensor and if it needs a detachable will depend on where they are fitted and how close they are to the towball and electrics. If they are close to the middle of the bumper and most fitters usually have some experience if a fixed towbar can be used.


My sensors are self adjusting and adjust themselves when a towbar is fitted.



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I have the flange type fitted to sorento only a problem with the sensors are when reversing the van as has been said earlier. as I tend to use the mover to connect to the car and site the van

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