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Going into the town of Calpe where I live in Spain, counted in just one side road 25 motorhomes along both sides of the side of the road, that is just one of the roads in the town, would have stopped to photograph them but there were to many to get them all in.


We have three camp sites in town and they park right outside sometimes. Waste and water we can only guess what they do. they are settled in for the long term as I see the same ones when I go past. it is just not there it is all over town.


On the motorhome forums they boast about never paying and never going on to a camp site and anybody that does is a fool.


Recently while camping in the UK I met a English man on a camp site that had travelled up from spain with a spanish car and caravan, it was a large caravan but the car was a ford Fiesta about 90 BHP, he said it frightened him so much he left the caravan in the UK and just went back to spain in the car.


Seen on another site a vanmaster they had stopped for the night ready to move on the next day, steadies down at the back but not at the front even the jockey wheel was up, they were sitting in the front having a meal, all the weight on the tow ball.


Interesting stuff this caravanning.

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