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Hi, I'm new here.


Last time I slept in a Caravan it was my Grandmother's static in Rhyl. It has gas lighting (most of the mantles had been broken by renters poking matches in them), a solid fuel fire, no toilet, no running water, no TV and no electricity. So that was enough to put me off Caravans for about 40 years.


A friend of mine was talking about getting a caravan when he got his new car, we both bought new cars last year. He got a Ford B-Max, and I was thinking of getting a Dacia Duster. "Don't get one of them", he said, "they are made in Romania and they are always on-strike". I got one anyway. Then it turns out that MY Dacia is NOT made in Romania - the RHD Dusters are made in India - but his B-Max is made in the old Daewoo factory in Romania! Not only that, his Ford won't pull even a 2 berth tourer, and the Duster won 'Best Budget 4x4" at the towcar awards 2013.


So all his talk of Caravans got me interested again, and he's thinking of getting a new new car!

I had a towbar put on the car a few weeks ago and I've been looking for something on a low budget, mostly on eBay. I did spot some late 80s models I liked, but they went for more than I wanted to pay. One of my criteria was that it had to fit on my drive, as I don't want to pay storage, and my drive is only 18'6" long so that ruled out all the end bathroom models. I looked at some very over-priced and very shabby and damp smelly caravans at a local big dealer, and I went to see a very well presented model at a private sale on eBay, but that went for much more than I wanted to pay.


I found this forum when I was looking for Caravan specifications to ensure any I was looking at would fit on my drive and be within the limits of my car's towing ability.

Then I spotted a 1994 Lunar Meteor on eBay Classifieds at £1,500 "Buy-it-Now" and although it was 111 miles away near Middlesbrough I went to look at it. One owner from new, and although its 20 years old it has been serviced every year. It was at a Caravan storage site on a farm. the owner was away on holiday in Thailand and the woman who deals with caravan sales was having a day off just leaving a Polish lad looking after that vans who kept apologising for his bad English, (which wasn't that bad.) I wanted to buy it, but I wanted to make an offer, he didn't understand. I could see there was no point trying to negotiate. I tried to call the woman having a day off, no answer. "One moment", said the Polish lad, and he disappeared into the farm house, returning a few minutes later with the boss on the phone, from Thailand. I expected to pay the full £1500, and would have, but I offered £1200, He said he couldn't take less than £1350, I said "Sold"!


I paid for it and then went off to get some towing mirrors and a number plate, then, never having towed a caravan before I needed to get it down a long long access road, only about 7' wide with deep pot-holes in it, and tow it 111 miles back to Manchester.


This was a week ago, since then I've been buying a few things I need, Aquaroll, hitch lock etc. and checking out the appliances. Everything works so far, although I haven't checked the water heater yet.


Although its 20 years old, compared with my Gran's old caravan its the height of luxury! Hot and cold running water, toilet, shower, fridge, hob, gas heater. The upholstery is like new, although a bit old fashioned. They ONLY problem I found was a loose blind at the back, which just needed a new screw.


So I've joined here for to get some advice and chat and I am looking forward to some weekends away once the weather gets a bit better,


I'm also the Duster moderator on a Dacia forum that uses the same platform as Caravan Talk.




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Hi Chris,

That's quite an introduction! It looks like you have a nice tidy caravan there, so I hope it's not too long before you're able to make good use of it. Please take time to browse the various forum sections, and chip in with any questions you may have.

Welcome to Caravan Talk.


Fourwinds Hurricane 31D Motorhome. Also MGTF135 1. 8i Roadster (fun) & Volvo V70 3.2Ltr LPG (everyday car)
Unless otherwise stated, my posts will be my personal thoughts and have the same standing as any other member of Caravan and Motorhome Talk.

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Hello & welcome to caravanning & caravantalk :)

Paul B

. .......Mondeo Estate & Elddis Avanté 505 (Tobago)

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