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Hitch lock as that's all that the CC ask for.


Unless otherwise stated all posts are my personal opinion 

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Anything and everything to protect your prize, imho. And like the old joke about how fast you need to swim to escape the shark, better to have just slightly more security than the 'van next to you.


For me: Alko hitch lock, Alko wheel lock, alarm, tracker, defacto 5 star caravan insurance, defacto 5 star home contents insurance with £15K provision for 'away possessions', photos of everything, ground anchor, padlock & wire rope for the genset.

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You have to consider sods law!!!


I am insured with the C&CC if you declare a security device under my policy it MUST be fitted when theft takes place.


If you do NOT declare your wheel clamp you are insured when its not fitted.


Why is that important?


Sods law dictates your caravan will be stolen when your Alko Wheel clamp is not fitted because you are running on the spare steel wheel!-its not compatable with the Alko wheel lock.


Or you arrived on site in the dark and went to the pub for a meal.


Yes its a daft design application :).


I fit the fiddly Alko wheel clamp on my Swift Challenger 540 when we are staying on site for a week otherwise just the hitch lock and alarm.


I never fit the wheel lock in our gold level CASSOA storage site.


If they want it---its gone!

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