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Extra Awning Poles


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Hi all

New to the forum & fairly new to caravaning.

We bought our caravan 2 years ago 2nd 7 hand fully equiped as the seller was quiting caravaning. We love it but with 1 small issue, our awning is of a older variety & appears to have been either stretched (if thats possible) or perhaps isnt the perfect fit & I struggle to get decent tension on 1 side across the roof. When we have heavy rainfall we get a bulge inside which leads to leaking.

My question is, would adding extra support poles be useful & which way should they run ie the length of the awning or across starting from the van?

Money is pretty tight at the moment & buying a new awning isn't an option hence searching ideas for temporary fix.

Many thanks for your help

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Not ignoring you - need a bit more info.


How old is the awning.

What type is it. i. e full - porch etc.

What is the frame made of and how do the rafters attach to the van.

What size of van do you have. (makes a difference as to how many rafters you may need for example)

A photo of it up will help enormously.

Kia KX 3 auto / Bailey Alicanto Grande Estoril and Swift Challenger 570 (2010 model Not towed - used as a static)

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