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Geist 559 Exklusiv


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I am considering selling my caravan but I dont know how much to ask for it.
Its a Geist 559 exl. sep. 2008. Its in excellent condition, it has four berths with an island bed and comes with a mover, on board water tank, central heating underfloor and blown air, extractor fan, flydoor and many other extras.
I am hoping a member will help me out with a rough idea what it might be worth.

Many thanks

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Welcome to Caravan Talk.


I would have a look on http://www. caravanfinder. co. uk and see what they are going for.


This will be a good guide as to what it is worth.


Always bear in mind that the dealer price will include a warranty, and as a minimum a safety check prior to it being sold, so you would need to adjust your price accordingly.

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Sutterton Caravans have that van and year for sale for £13,495 so you should be lower and you cannot offer a guarantee. Cannot give the link as I'm on a tablet but got it - as always - from Google.


And :welcome:


Unless otherwise stated all posts are my personal opinion 

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